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Hello everyone!! I have moved my blog to a new location 🙂 I will keep this one up, however, in case anyone stumbles across it!! I hope that you will continue to follow me in my journey of a photographer!!



Silhouette; 52 Weeks of FUN; Linda Barry Photography

This is week #5 in my 52 weeks of FUN photo challenge! The challenge for this week was silhouette! I really like playing around with silhouettes because they teach you a lot about light and shutter speed. I originally wanted to get a silhouette of the construction vehicles down by Back Bay, but I’m feeling kind of icky today and did not get a chance to go out and get it. I will eventually though!!

I decided to do my husband’s ice ax for this week’s theme! He’s an ice climber, as well as a rock climber, and his axes have always made me giggle! They look like the heads of funny dinosaurs!


On Tuesday, I’ll be making a blog post that compiles everyone’s photos up to this point!! Keep an eye out for it!

Top Five 2013 Business Goals; Linda Barry Photography; Portland ME Photographer

Linda Barry Photography, 2013 Business Goals


One of the first steps I took to taking my business more seriously was to create a business plan. Earl Nightingale said that “people with goals succed, because they know where they’re going,” and I couldn’t agree more. By creating goals for my business, I was able to really focus on what I wanted to get out of my business for this year. It also forced me to not only set the goals, but make a plan as to how to accomplish each and every goal.

When I was making my business plan, it was really tough for me. It was my first time even thinking about goals to accomplish within my photography, and within my business. Not only did I create goals to accomplish, but I created policies for my business that I expect myself to follow, and by doing this it will help me live a more balanced life, and not jeopardize my own personal values.

When my business plan was all said and done, and placed in my binder, I had 19 goals for my business this year. Some of them are super simple, and some of them are a little more challenging to accomplish, but I’m confident I can accomplish them all — or at least get super close! Instead of sharing all 19 with you, I’ll share my top five!

#1. Maintain a balance between work and personal life. It takes a lot of personal time and investment when you’re first starting out a business. It’s very easy to fall into the trap of making your business your entire life, and that is something I desperately want to avoid. I want to “go to work” and leave it at my designated time, and go back to it the next day. I want my business to be successful, but in order for it to be successful, I need to maintain a personal life, for my own mental and emotional health! In order to do this, I’ve created schedules for my business (including various routine tasks designated to specific days) as well as my personal life, so that I can get everything I want accomplished. A little crazy? Perhaps.

#2. Read one business book a month. It is known that the average successful business person (millionaires, I think) read 1-2 business books a month, whereas the average small business owner reads less than one a year. I don’t want to become a statistic with all of the other business that have failed on a yearly basis. I want to keep reading business books that will help me be a better business person, as well as a successful business owner who can stay true to my original beliefs.

#3. Shorten my editing turnaround. Time is money. The more time I spend on editing photos, the less I make. I need to get better at being more efficient with the computer, and Lightroom4. I know I can do this by watching some tutorials and videos to help me learn some new tricks to shorten my time. It also forces me to work harder to get it completely right in the camera during the session, so there’s less to do later!

#4. Blog on a regular basis. Having a blog is really important to me, because it helps my clients see new work (as well as some older sessions), and it also allows them to see me on a personal level. It’s different than my website, because my website is static. With a blog, I get to keep my name out there, and continue to invite people to get to know me! I hope that it will eventually help me with networking, as well as helping new photographers!

#5. To shoot at 15 weddings. I absolutely adore shooting at weddings. There is so much that is special about it, and I love being trusted to capture those moments. Notice I said “shoot” because I didn’t want to limit myself to my own weddings. I want to be able to get as much practice as I can, whether it’s at a wedding that I’m the primary shooter, or the second or third shooter. It’s all about the experience for me!

Those are my most important business goals for the year 2013. I’m so stoked to see how close I get to accomplishing them, or if I completely blow them out of the water! 🙂

❤ Linda



Joy; 52 weeks of FUN; Linda Barry Photography; Portland ME Photographer


This week’s theme in the 52 Weeks of FUN is “Joy.” One of the most important things in my life right now is establishing a better relationship with God. Now, I’m sure I’m breaking a billion social media rules by posting about this. However, I would just like to say that this is a part of who I am, and I am not afraid of sharing my feelings and thoughts with you all. I will also never push my views on you. Ever.

Except for when it comes to bragging about how awesome PASS is and how every person should use it and love it 😀 That, and! But other than that, it won’t happen!

A friend of mine that I use to be close with in high school sent me this book in the mail after I reached out to her about my desires. She’s easily one of the greatest people I know, and she is SO helpful when it comes to stuff like this. She helped me realize what I wanted a little over two years ago, and was so supportive and helpful, but I didn’t stick with it. This time is different. I feel like I’ve been seeing signs everywhere I go, and I’m ready to take it and run (in a good way!).

Seeing this book in the mail brought me incredible joy and happiness, and I can’t wait to start reading it! It’s one of my personal goals that I be healthy in spirit before I decide to bring children into this world. I also want to know that I have a greater purpose in life. It’s just a good feeling. I know it’s not going to happen overnight, but I’m positive that I will be able to get that relationship I so desperately want. As a science teacher, it’s hard for me to get over some of the “obstacles,” so to speak, about faith and how it all makes sense. This led Amy to recommend a second book to me, The Case for Faith, which I ordered and can’t wait to read!! I’m excited, and I’m nervous. I’m slightly afraid of how people will deal with these personal changes of mine (even though I don’t think ME is going to change that much at all), but that’s okay, because I live my life for me because I am the one who has to live with my choices!

It (the book) also looks, and feels, super cool. It’s little and easy to fit in any little bag.

Yes, I totally judge a book by its pages. And yes, this one totally passes my judgement :p

❤ Linda