Portland Wedding Photographer :: Alyssa & Brad :: Linda Barry Photography

Alyssa and Brad are the first people I’ve ever taken photos of! That was in September of 2011! It’s truly amazing to see how much I’ve grown since then! I’m so happy I am able to be their wedding photographer and that our session worked out as well as it did! There was a blizzard warning in effect for Sunday, and we still went out to the UMaine campus in Orono to get some photos done! The snow was coming down really hard, and I was hoping that we would’ve been able to have the soft fluffy snowfall from the day before. We weren’t that lucky. Just on the short walk from our cars to the area by the library, we decided it WAY too cold to do them outside! The warmth coming from the windows of the library was all the convincing we needed to go and do them inside! It was my first time doing photos in a library, and these two absolutely rocked it! Take a look at this beautiful couple 🙂

Portland Wedding Photographer

Her ring is so beautiful! I love how curvy it is.
2013-02-19_0005 2013-02-19_0006 2013-02-19_0007

Does she not have the prettiest smile?!Portland Wedding Photographer

AND the best outfit! These two look so adorable!
library engagement session

Gotta love LOVE!2013-02-19_0010 2013-02-19_0011 2013-02-19_0012 2013-02-19_0013 2013-02-19_0014 library engagement session

I’ve always wanted to try a shot like this!2013-02-19_0016 2013-02-19_0017 2013-02-19_0018 2013-02-19_0019

Isn’t “marry” such a funny word? When I was taking this photo, I was telling Alyssa & Brad that I thought “marry” is one of those words that just looks incredibly weird after you look at it long enough, haha. Portland ME Wedding Photographer

You can never have too many ring photos!!

Alyssa and Brad, thank you so much for braving the weather for your engagement session! I had such a blast, and I simply cannot wait for your wedding in October! It will be just as beautiful as the two of you.

❤ Linda


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