Portland, ME Photographer :: Numbers :: Linda Barry Photography

So, last week was week seven in my 52 weeks of FUN photo challenge. However, I was not able to get to capture a photo. At first I was bummed, thinking I had failed, but in reality, life takes over sometimes, and last week was a pretty rough week for me. Therefore, this challenge was put on the back burner. I realized that it’s okay. I can just move on, and try to do better for all the upcoming weeks. I can’t be superwoman all the time :p

Anyway, this week is #8: Numbers. I am a planner. To an extreme. I even plan when I get to relax. I like to schedule everything and know when everything is happening. Granted, I don’t always follow my schedule, but at least I put in the effort to maximize my productivity! This is the same with our budget. I handle all the bills and finances, because then I know exactly what is going on. I’m always writing out budgets on random scraps of paper to figure out if we can really splurge and go out to eat, or something like that. I’m good with budgets. Those I can follow 🙂

This is a snapshot of just a random time earlier this week or late last week when I was crunching numbers in my planner!



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