Portland, ME Photographer; Color Me Mine; Linda Barry Photography

Last Thursday was Valentine’s Day, and I actually quite enjoyed it this year! Me and Steven went out with another couple to this really neat place called Color Me Mine, right in Portland, ME. It was mine and Steven’s first time going, and let me tell you, that place made an awesome first impression! The ladies that were working were super helpful and very friendly, which made the experience very pleasant 🙂

Color Me Mine is a cute little place where you can paint pottery and then they glaze and fire it for you!! If you have never done anything like this before, stop reading this, and go find a place to do it! It’s a lot of fun! Especially when you go with friends! However, as Liz told me and Steven, “You should really figure out what you want to paint before you get there, because before you know it half your time is gone just trying to pick something to paint!” We arrived around 5:30 or 5:45, and by the time we had sat down to start painting, it was already almost 6:30! Guess what time we left 🙂 Go ahead, just guess!!

Do you have a guess?

Did you guess 9:15pm? If so, YOU WIN! 🙂

That’s right. 9:15pm. On a school night. But it doesn’t stop there! We went over to our friends’ place to make fajitas for dinner and continue to have an awesome time, and me and Steven didn’t fall into bed until 2am. Again, on a school night. We are so rebellious. 

Anyway, enough my rambles. Check out some photos from the evening! And by some, I mean “a lot.”


Since it was Valentine’s Day, they had all kinds of chocolate covered goodies, and lots of candle light! 🙂2013-02-15_0002

I have a mug addiction. We have so many!


Steven got a mug too! Look at how cute it is!!2013-02-15_0004

They’re too much fun!
2013-02-15_0005 2013-02-15_0006 2013-02-15_0007

I’m so proud of my mug! I can’t wait to get it. I mean, seriously, you can’t go wrong with a jumbo mug! It’s perfect for soups, ice cream, cereal, hot chocolate, tea – just about anything your heart desires.2013-02-15_0008 2013-02-15_0009 2013-02-15_0010

The outside of my mug is kind of abstract, but you can tell that they’re outlines of flowers and lace once you know it’s there!
2013-02-15_0011 2013-02-15_0012 2013-02-15_0013 2013-02-15_0014

And then there’s Liz. Whose artsy abilities put us all to shame. 2013-02-15_0015 2013-02-15_0016

Really, Liz? How much better could you be! 🙂 I love her bowl and can’t wait to see how it turned out!
2013-02-15_0017 2013-02-15_0018 2013-02-15_0019

Steven’s finished product 🙂2013-02-15_0020 2013-02-15_0021 2013-02-15_0022 2013-02-15_0023

Such a wonderful Valentine’s Day!!

I’m seriously so stoked for the reminder phone call that lets us know our pottery is ready!! I can’t wait to see them! You best believe I’ll be sharing photos of those ones, too!!

How was your Valentine’s Day? Did you do anything special with friends or loved ones? Tell me about it! 🙂



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