Portland, ME Photographer; Farmer’s Market; Linda Barry Photography

Portland ME, Portland ME Photographer, Farmer's Market

When me and my husband first decided that we were not going to move to Portland, Oregon, but to Portland, Maine, my first thoughts were of all the “new” things we can do to remain eco-friendly and no-impact. My first exciting thought was, “We’re going to be so close to the farmer’s market, and we are going to eat so much healthier and it’s gonna be fabulous!”

Here’s the reality of how it went down: we moved here six months ago, and we just went to the Portland, ME farmer’s market for the first time, the other weekend. Sad face. But, we went. We finally made it to a farmer’s market weekend, and what an experience! We walked into the Irish Heritage Center just a little after nine, but it was already booming! There was a live band playing music, and all the farms were set up and already making their sales!

Portland ME, Portland ME Photographer, Farmer's Market

Me and Steven felt a little lost and unsure of how to make things work, but we made it through! We bought carrots (which, by the way, tasted absolutely incredible), eggs, turkey, and chicken and were on our way out. I didn’t take any photos of the inside, as I’m still getting use to the idea of just pulling out my camera in public places to take photos of things that involve strangers, haha, but hopefully next time I’ll be brave enough!

Everyone was super friendly, and there was so much that was available – which was surprising to me, since it us the middle of winter! Nonetheless, it was an awesome experience, and  I hope that we can make it back there again soon! It felt really good to support our local farms AND get some good organic food to put into our bodies!

Have you ever been to a farmer’s market before? What did you think of your experience??

❤ Linda


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