Kate&Brian – Engaged! Linda Barry Photography; Portland ME Photographer

I worked with Kate and Brian earlier in the summer of 2012, just for some fun photos of the two them together! You can check out their photos from our time in Rockland right here!

Kate contacted me in late fall just a few months ago, after they announced their engagement!! I was SO excited that they were engaged, as they are such an amazing, and fun, couple to be around! We had a great time at the covered bridge in Windham (running out of the way a few times, as it turns out it’s still an active bridge!) and at Jewel Falls in Portland! I had never seen either of these places before, and I was super pumped to try them out! The two locations were absolutely beautiful. I’m very very happy with how these photos turned out!

The day of our session, Kate was a little bummed about the weather — cloudy and kind of misty — and I was over the moon excited about the weather! I ❤ overcast days! I think it really added an extra air of intimacy to their photos, especially by the covered bridge! I guess I’ll stop talking here and get to the good stuff! Take a peek at their engagement session 🙂

2013-01-30_0001 2013-01-30_0002

Such a GORGEOUS ring!! Brian did a fabulous job picking one out! 🙂


I loved the letters she brought! Way cuter than scrabble letters :p
2013-01-30_0004 2013-01-30_0005 2013-01-30_0006 Jewell Falls, Fore River Sanctuary 2013-01-30_0008

The two of them laughed so much 🙂Fore River Sanctuary, Portland ME 2013-01-30_0010 covered bridge, Windham ME

LOVED this bridge!covered bridge, Windham ME covered bridge, Windham ME


See what I mean about the mist adding intimacy?? 🙂

Kate and Brian, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your celebration of your engagement!

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