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About a week prior to December 29, 2012, I received a phone call from one of my best friends inviting us to their wedding that would be taking place in just seven days! Their original date was for 2013, but they wanted to push it up, and of course I would be there to support them in any way! Dubes (she will always be “Dubes” even though she’s now a Stefanilo!) asked me if I would take photos of her getting ready until the photographer they hired could show up, and of course I said YES. I was SO excited, and honored, that I was able to do this for her. It gave me my first taste in wedding photography, especially since moving to the Portland area, and I’m so grateful for the beautiful opportunity!

Their wedding was straight from a fairy tale — absolutely beautiful, magical, and full of love and happiness! I’m so happy they finally got their happily ever after! I don’t know any couple who deserved it more.  The chapel in which they married was probably the most adorable thing I’ve ever seen, and their reception was very classy and SO well done! I adored their themes of famous couples for each table (Cory and Topanga, Ricky and Lucy, etc) with candles and shells as their centerpieces.  The DJ was fabulous and played excellent music, which kept the majority of the wedding guests dancing up until the last song! I am super stoked that we started the tradition of doing our routine to “She Bangs” at our weddings, and can’t wait to do it three more times in the future 🙂 I cannot gush enough about this wedding and how phenomenal it was!

Take a look at my first time ever doing any kind of wedding photography!

2013-01-14_0001 2013-01-14_0002

BEAUTIFUL morning!

BEAUTIFUL morning!

2013-01-14_0006 2013-01-14_0003 2013-01-14_0005 2013-01-14_0008 2013-01-14_0007

I adored her hairdresser!

I adored her hairdresser!


I'm pretty sure this moment is when I absolutely fell in love with wedding photography.

I’m pretty sure this moment is when I absolutely fell in love with wedding photography.

2013-01-14_0013 2013-01-14_0014 2013-01-14_0015 2013-01-14_0016 2013-01-14_0011 2013-01-14_0017

The gorgeous bride!!

The gorgeous bride!!



I am beyond excited, and feel so much more confident, going into my 2013 weddings after this incredible experience 🙂


❤ Linda


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