Motivational Tuesday; Linda Barry Photography; Portland, ME Photographer


Well, today was one of those days. One of those hit-you-like-a-ton-of-bricks days, but in the most positive way I could ever imagine! Today was the first day out of a series of three days for  reFOCUS2013, in which several speakers talk about the ways that they’ve revitalized their businesses. I was only able to catch two of the seminars today due to school, but the two I did catch were so perfect. Let’s also just say that Khara Plicanic is easily one of my new heroes. And, as I mentioned on facebook earlier today, she’s pretty much the only other person I’ve heard lately use the word “bonkers” as much as I do! That automatically puts her high on my list :p

Anyway, I listened to her one hour seminar and I was just blown away. It was like she was speaking to my soul. I’m a very simple person, and like to keep things as simple as possible. The ways that she talked about running her business just made so much sense, and I couldn’t agree with more! It also gave me the renewed energy to tackle my business from a different perspective.  Plus, she’s super passionate about what she does and you can just tell by listening to her talk about it, and that is absolutely phenomenal. I also listened to Julia Woods talk today, and she gave me that extra push I needed to re-evaluate my own personal life, and really open up my heart. She helped me realize that there are some values that I have been skimping out on, and without getting those in check, everything else in my life won’t be completely fulfilling.

2013 is my year.

I am determinedcommitted, and completely ready to make it happen. I will achieve all my goals and desires, and I will do it without sacrificing my values and my happiness. 



I feel so…



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