Frequently Asked Questions; Linda Barry Photography; Portland ME Photographer

I often field a lot of questions from my clients (which is totally awesome!), so I figured that I would create this blog post of some frequently asked questions so that everyone can see them, and get a feel for what to expect from me as a photographer. Now you don’t have to be a client to find out – although, being a client is way cooler :p


A. This always depends on how the day goes. I can’t promise any specific amount because each time is different, but I do give you as many as I can. You may hear the camera clicking and be surprised you don’t get the thousands of photos you might expect. I photograph using “Manual” mode on my camera at portrait sessions which means I’m often taking lots of photographs to adjust for lighting and exposure so that I can get the perfect photograph for you! That means I toss out a lot of images that are too dark or too light until I get the best exposed one of a series.


A. Check out this blog post I wrote about how to look absolutely fabulous for your session!


A. I give what’s called a “Limited Personal Copyright.”This means you may reproduce the photos how and where you would like. You can get your own prints done, or put them on Facebook. A full copyright would mean you have the rights to sell my work – which I don’t give out to clients. Please note that any photos posted to Facebook or social networking websites you are required to give me credit for my work.


A. Yes! I love black and white photography! I often find that what photograph I may like best in black and white might not be your favorite in black and white so when you get a online gallery with your photographs you’ll find all of them in black and white too. That way you decide which ones you like best.

wedding cake, cake photo, reception photo

(Just like this!)


A. When you print with your photographer you’ll be guaranteed to get images that look exactly like the digital files. Professional photographers use professional grade printing labs. These labs are only accessible by verified photographers and photography businesses. A professional print lab is not accessible to the general public. They use a very high quality printer that won’t make the colors of your photographs look cyan, magenta, yellow or muddy at all. While having a CD is great for creating cheap 4×6 prints or sharing your images on social networking websites, when you take them to your average printing lab that anyone can use you’re going to get low quality prints. I have so many options for printing and prices that it’s easy to find something that works for everyone!


A. That is completely up to you. First you need to decide if you want to see each other before the ceremony. If you don’t want to see each other plan on saving about an hour between the end of the ceremony and the start of the reception to do photography. We’ll spend about 30 minutes doing family portraits and then we’ll pull the bride and groom aside for 30 minutes to do a quiet session with just you two!

If you don’t mind seeing each other before the ceremony we can arrange a private “first sight” portrait session and do your bride and groom portraits first. These first sight sessions are often very emotional and beautiful. They never take away from the tears and anticipation of seeing the bride walk down the aisle from my experience. We’ll follow the first sight portrait session with the family photos and then leave some time right before the ceremony to calm down and make sure you’re ready.


A. Here’s a list that I traditionally use. Just let me know which shots you’ll want and which ones you don’t. I’ll put it on the schedule for the day! Feel free to add certain photos as well.

Bride and Groom first sight portraits
Bride and Groom
Groom Portraits
Bride Portraits
Bride and Bridesmaids
Groom and Bridesmaids
Bride and Maid of Honor
Bride and Groomsmen
Groom and Groomsmen
Groom and Best Man
Bride with Grandparents
Bride with Parents
Bride with Mother
Bride with Father
Newlyweds with Bride’s parents
Newlyweds with both sets of parents
Newlyweds with Groom’s parents
Newlyweds with Bride and Groom’s grandparents
Groom with Parents
Groom with Mother
Groom with father
Newlyweds with ring bearer and flower girl
Newlyweds with Wedding Party

If you have any other questions about what to expect from Linda Barry Photography, feel free to ask them! There is no such thing as a silly question 🙂

❤ Linda

Kate&Brian – Engaged! Linda Barry Photography; Portland ME Photographer

I worked with Kate and Brian earlier in the summer of 2012, just for some fun photos of the two them together! You can check out their photos from our time in Rockland right here!

Kate contacted me in late fall just a few months ago, after they announced their engagement!! I was SO excited that they were engaged, as they are such an amazing, and fun, couple to be around! We had a great time at the covered bridge in Windham (running out of the way a few times, as it turns out it’s still an active bridge!) and at Jewel Falls in Portland! I had never seen either of these places before, and I was super pumped to try them out! The two locations were absolutely beautiful. I’m very very happy with how these photos turned out!

The day of our session, Kate was a little bummed about the weather — cloudy and kind of misty — and I was over the moon excited about the weather! I ❤ overcast days! I think it really added an extra air of intimacy to their photos, especially by the covered bridge! I guess I’ll stop talking here and get to the good stuff! Take a peek at their engagement session 🙂

2013-01-30_0001 2013-01-30_0002

Such a GORGEOUS ring!! Brian did a fabulous job picking one out! 🙂


I loved the letters she brought! Way cuter than scrabble letters :p
2013-01-30_0004 2013-01-30_0005 2013-01-30_0006 Jewell Falls, Fore River Sanctuary 2013-01-30_0008

The two of them laughed so much 🙂Fore River Sanctuary, Portland ME 2013-01-30_0010 covered bridge, Windham ME

LOVED this bridge!covered bridge, Windham ME covered bridge, Windham ME


See what I mean about the mist adding intimacy?? 🙂

Kate and Brian, thank you so much for choosing me to photograph your celebration of your engagement!

Architecture; 52 Weeks of FUN; Linda Barry Photography; Portland ME Photographer

It’s been almost a week since my blog post, and that was not on purpose! Last week was week four in our 52 weeks of FUN, with the theme of “architecture.” This was taken on Saturday, so I promise I didn’t cheat 🙂 I’m hoping to get things back on track this week!

I decided to take a photo of a neat little building that is in Deering Oaks Park in Portland. I’m a sucker for anything that is round, and when you add bricks, you’ve won me over! Take a look at what I got!

architecture, Deering Oaks Park, Portland ME

I totally plan on getting a blog post up with entries from other people who are participating later this week!! 🙂

Little Miss. A; Linda Barry Photography; Portland ME Photographer

A couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of photographing the cutest little girl with her mom and dad! We were fortunate enough to be able to do the session in the comfort of their own home — which is absolutely gorgeous, by the way! I’ll admit, that Addison didn’t quite seem too fond of the idea of having a stranger taking photos of her, but we made it through!

After this session, I can say with absolute certainty that the little ones will always dictate the session, and that is totally okay. It’s also super important to give the family space and allow mom and dad to have control of making their little one happy! If it wasn’t for Justin and Krissie, there’s no way this session would have turned out as well as it did. They were so patient and obviously knew what their girl wanted and needed! They helped keep her laughing and moving from one activity to the next. Take a look at the memories I was able to capture of this precious family!!


She had the most adorable room! I swear, this family was straight out of a fabulous magazine.

The bubbles were an EXCELLENT idea! You go, mom and dad! 🙂


Love the effect of natural light! This little lady was just too cute! 2013-01-23_0004 2013-01-23_0005

This was after I had let her use my camera to take a photo of mom and dad. She was a little happier, but just wanted to see the photo! 🙂


Anyone who knows me, knows that I can’t pass up a photo of food! Krissie gave me a cookie for the drive home, but you best believe that it was gone before I even got to the end of the road! It was delicious!!


Daddy’s girl 🙂


They were reading the cutest book – Thank You God for Daddy. How precious is that??!2013-01-23_0009 2013-01-23_0010 2013-01-23_0011 2013-01-23_0012 2013-01-23_0013

At this point I was “auntie!” She kept saying “come on, auntie!”2013-01-23_0014 2013-01-23_0015

This photo would not have been possible if it wasn’t for Justin’s quick thinking! He was lifting her up in the air (which she giggled like crazy at) and then swung her around real quick and they all leaned in for a photo while she was super happy!! Again — trust the parents!!

2013-01-23_0016This was such a fun session, and I’m so thankful that they chose me to capture these memories of their family before Addison’s 2nd birthday! 🙂

❤ Linda