No impact

When my husband and I hung out for the first time, we ended up on Sand Beach, at 2am, in January. We just talked and talked, and one of the things we talked about was “if we could change one thing in the world, what would it be.” Steven’s answer was pollution. He wanted people to see how much they affect our environment. It was then that he told me about “No Impact Man” and his documentary. I finally watched it with him about a month or two later, and man, was I blown away!

Colin Beavan is probably one of my heroes. It is because of him that me and Steven do not buy any paper products; we recycle; buy things secondhand; are crazy about saving energy; buy local; walk/bike (well, he bikes, I walk – I haven’t gotten over my fear of riding in the city) when we can and we strive to do our best to not harm our environment. My sister calls us granolas. I bought the book that he was writing during the documentary, about seven months ago, and still have not read it. I am hoping that writing this will give me the kick that I need to actually read it! I know that there is so much more than I can do to be more Eco-friendly!

If you have not read the book or seen the documentary, you totally should! It’s great and really makes you re-think how you do some things in your daily routine 🙂 You would be amazed to see what you do, that you never thought you would do!


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