10 things 2012 taught me ; Portland, ME Photographer

2012 was very good to me. It was a year of many experiences, and many exciting changes. It is the year my business turned into what it is, and it is the year that I decided to take it seriously and give it all I’ve got. I am very excited for 2013 and all of the new experiences and people that await me! Here are ten things that I learned in 2012:

#1. When it comes to editing, less is better.

#2. I am worth it.

#3. You only need to forget something once, to never forget it again!

#4. Wedding dresses are a lot harder to photograph than they look.

#5. Making my business legit is super important.

#6. All aspects of my brand needs to be curvy 🙂

#7. Friends and family are awesome to practice on.

#8. It is way past my bedtime before I know it when I am reading photography blogs.

#9. I still get nervous before every session, no matter how many times I have done it.

#10. To relax and exude my personality every chance I can 🙂

#11. As a bonus, I learned that I actually can be original and creative 😀

2012 was simply fabulous. I hope everyone has a very safe and happy New Year’s!!

Linda Barry Photography


My new brand :)

orchidsIt’s finally here! I’ve decided to launch everything just a few days early! I am just too excited and antsy 🙂 My new business name is officially “Linda Barry Photography” and I have changed my site and blog to reflect that change! I will be putting in my request to FB tomorrow for the name change, as well! My new site however, will not be featured until tomorrow, after the Showit Studs have had their hands on it, in which case, I will feature it in a blog post, as well!! I’m so excited about this new step in my business journey, and I hope you all continue to follow me 🙂

What Christmas means to me

This will be a short blog post, as after this, I will be offline until after I return home on Wednesday 🙂 This is my favorite time of year, and I just wanted to share why. It’s not about the presents. It never has been. I could quite literally be happy with a ball of string! I adore the atmosphere of this time of year. People are more friendly and kind (which is a little sad, because that is how it should be all the time), the Christmas music is lovely, and I get to see all kinds of friends and family at various gatherings and eat amazing food. The only thing that could possibly make it better this year is having large amounts of beautiful white snow on the ground 🙂 I am so excited to see my families tomorrow and spend more time with them, as it is hard to come by since we live 2-3 hours away from them. I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday, regardless of what you celebrate, and treasure the time you have with your loved ones!

Love this!



Up until a few minutes ago, I was one of those people who had to have a very special 12/12/12. It’s going to be the last day where the month, date and the last two digits of the year will be identical; obviously, it won’t ever happen again. So initially, I wanted that day to be extra special. I was just telling my friends the other day that we had to do something to “celebrate.”

Then earlier, I suddenly realized something. December 12, 2012 is just like any other day. They all won’t ever happen again. 

I think a lot of us get too caught up in petty little things like this. We use “special” things with “special” appearances as an excuse to treat everything else, well, un-specially. Why is it that on Valentine’s Day people show more affection toward one another than on any other days? Why is it…

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