Year #1 as Life As I Know It

Earlier, I did some posts about my progress as a photographer over the past year. But those were just photos that revealed the obvious changes. I have learned SO much over the past year, and I continue to learn more, and I hope that I never stop learning!

Over this past year I have learned:

  • simple is best; for me.
  • to value my worth and not back down.
  • you can  never do enough research.
  • photography is a huge investment — financially, mentally, physically, and emotionally.
  • I have the greatest clients in the world.
  • I also have the BEST support system I could ever dream of having.
  • can do it, and I will.
  • that it’s okay to make changes, whether they are small, or big.
  • how to not over-edit.
  • how to decrease my time spent editing photos.
  • that I am confident in what I do, and although I can always improve, I am good at this.

That’s just a small list of the very many things I have learned. I am so excited for all the changes I will be making to Life As I Know It Photography in 2013 (including a name change!), so keep an eye out for a blog post at the end of December announcing the changes! 🙂


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