Baby love

Today’s post is about sessions with newborns.  I’ve only shot two sessions with a baby who was under a month old, but let me tell you, I have learned quite a bit from those two sessions! Also, I have a natural tendency to research all kinds of photography related topics, and this happened to be one of them. I’m no where near as “good” as I would like to be with newborns, but I know it will come with more practice and experience.

#1.  Baby rules the shoot. If baby needs snuggles with momma, then that is what baby needs and gets! It does not benefit anyone to push a baby to the point where they cannot be consoled.

#2. With that being said, allow lots of breaks.

#3. Keep the baby warm, especially if they will be doing any nude photos.

#4. Know that accidents may happen and come prepared with back-ups 🙂

#5. In order to ensure a happy, sleepy, baby, ask parents to keep the baby awake for at least an hour before the shoot, and then feed the baby upon the photographer’s arrival. The baby will soon be drifting off to sleep, and much easier to work with without them getting upset.

#6. Leave the baby unclothed before the shoot, to avoid any red lines on their skin.

#7. Stick to the normal routine of the day as best you can.

I hope that later in the future I’ll have more tips to share on this topic, and photos that are out of this world!



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