Boudoir Tips


It’s slowly becoming that perfect time of year for boudoir photos! They make great holiday/birthday/wedding/anything gifts!! Boudoir shoots can make some individuals feel pretty nervous, and that’s okay! Here are some tips to help you feel better about your shoot, and hopefully you’ll be able to relax a little 🙂

  • Drink lots of water the day before! Water flushes out toxins, plumps and hydrates skin, and makes your eyes look clear and bright. Alcohol and soda have the opposite effect, making the skin look dull, eyes look tired. Ensure you’ll look your best by opting for water instead of a margarita the week of your shoot.
  •  Don’t wear tight clothing before the shoot… you don’t want red lines all over!
  •  Remember your razor!
  •  Make sure your fingers and toes are all prettied up too – polished or clean.
  •  Keep the jewelry simple, or nonexistent.

Some ideas on what to wear:

  • Lingerie (corsets, garter belts, teddies, bras, panties, thongs, sexy outfits)
  • Regular bra and matching/coordinating panties
  • Tank top and panties
  • Cute, comfy pair of jeans and a bra/nothing (arms covering?)
  • Cardigan/sweat shirt and panties
  • High heels (as many pairs as you want! )
  • A shirt of his (with panties)
  • A tie of his (with panties)
  • Tasteful nudity
  • Jersey/uniform
  • Accessories: pearls, boa, nylons/thigh-highs/fishnets, garter, ETC! Bring whatever you want… it’s better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it!

I love doing boudoir shoots, because it’s such an intimate gift to give to your significant other, and I love helping my clients see how beautiful they are!! 🙂

If you still feel nervous, just bring a glass of wine and some of your favorite music — and some friends!


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