The Swiss Cheese

For quite some time now, me and my husband have been sleeping on a mattress that is on a floor. No bed frame or anything. Also, we’ve used a twin sized bed for a good amount of time — I’ll never go back! Before we moved to Portland, we slept on our futon for a few months which was definitely a nice upgrade! Then we moved to Portland. We slept on blankets on the floor for the first couple of weeks. When we went rock climbing in Kentucky (a separate post on that, next week!), we decided we were going to sleep in our sleeping bags but with an air mattress. What a great idea that was! We bought a queen sized mattress and upon arriving back home, it has been our new bed 🙂 So, we decided to build a bed frame! Mind you, we  did so with the intention of saving money. What an adventure that was.  Between the broken tools, breaking the windshield by putting ten (or twelve, I forget) foot pieces of lumber into a 2000 Honda Insight, and making a ton of mistakes along the way (hence the name “The Swiss Cheese”) — I believe buying a bed frame from a store would have been cheaper. Regardless, I love our bed frame 🙂



It’s hard to tell, but it’s super tall. So, when we do get a real bed and box spring, we’ll need a step stool to get into bed! 🙂


P.S. I just figured out how to make the gallery work for the first time! Super stoked!!


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