Jack, Jasmine + Zachie;; Fam[ILY]

Last weekend, I was able to do some family photos of my oldest brother, and my adorable niece and nephew at the Rockland Breakwater Lighthouse. It was such a good day, and so much fun to not only spend some time with my family, but also get the chance to finally take some photos of the kiddos with my big brother! Between the  tears from multiple diggers taken by Zachie, and the bribes of ice cream to get Jasmine  to do just a few more photos (which doesn’t make sense, because the kids normally LOVE to have their photos taken when I have my camera out), we were able to capture some really amazing shots! Take a peek :]



This is his scary face :]

So cute!


“Auntie, take a picture of this puddle with our feet!”



Oh to be a kid again!


I can’t wait for Jack and the kids to see their photos! I had a blast working on them :]


2 thoughts on “Jack, Jasmine + Zachie;; Fam[ILY]

  1. Your work is AMAZING!!! Beautiful pictures. I have a few people asking if I know of any photographers in the area…if you don’t mind, I’m going to drop your name!

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