Dubes;; What a beauty!

I have the greatest friends in the world. They continually let me practice on them, and they always find some way to put their photos to use, so that it benefits us both! Me and Dubes had so much fun doing these photos, on such a gorgeous day! We started off at a local playground, which set our inner child free at certain points. Then we moved on to an abandoned, half torn down, fenced in building. It was massive! We wanted SO badly to be on the other side of the fence, despite the potential dangers that would be waiting for us, I’m sure. If there were not so many cars and joggers, we would have most likely rolled under an opening in the fence :] Anyway, the building had such character, and it is where Dubes worked so hard to give me one of the shots that I’ve been dying to perfect — the “two hands on face” shot. haha. Anyway, she’s gorgeous, so the photos are naturally beautiful! Look for yourself :]

This one is my favorite :]

She has the prettiest blue eyes!!


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